Cook in Playa | Hands-On Three Course Meal
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Hands-On Three Course Meal

Come and learn how to cook a Mexican three course menu in a chic and cozy atmosphere. Courses area “Hands on” so get ready to touch, smell and taste your food… to get the full experience.

Our Daily course is a one day 4-5 hour experience that will give you a fast approach to Amazing Mexican cuisine. In this courses you will also learn about tequila and mezcal, fresh and dried chilis, and even stories about some of our traditional dishes.

Fee per daily course is $119 USD, includes all material, recipes and food. Also includes wine and beer.

Our monthly course is a once a week (four sessions per month) chance to get deeper into Mexican cuisine.

Fee for our monthly course (4 Sessions) is $392USD.

Classes Monday and Wednesday evening, Friday morning

Note: Booking fees are the 50% of the course cost, and are non refundable. We can gladly reschedule your course.

Courses Schedule and Prices